Rajalakshmi Granites
Leaving no stone unturned.

We are a leading granite stone supplier offering a range of quality products for both commercial and residential needs. We have built up a great relationship with many of the best architects, interior designers, retail customers, corporates, etc and have become the most sought-after destination for quality granite stones.

Our expertise gives us deep insights in understanding client requirements. Our success is attributable to our attention to detail, technical expertise and true professionalism.

State of the art infrastructure, skilled manpower, astute leadership and a niche position in the industry domain are crucial game changers for Rajalakshmi Granites.

Key Differentiators


Commitment to total quality

We are one of the few entities striking a fine balance between quality output and commercial viability. Our products are affordable and compatible with diverse requirements.


Driven by able leadership

The brand signals a paradigm shift in the contemporary business landscape. The company is spearheaded by a group of leaders with great experience who prioritize adherence to the ethics frameworks over everything else.


Adherence to Best Practices

The organization is fully invested in the concept of deploying absolutely safe working environment replete with industry best practices. Ethics, employee safety and eco-friendly processes gain precedence over everything else.