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We are a leading granite stone supplier offering a range of quality products for both commercial and residential needs. We have built up a great relationship with many of the best architects, interior designers, retail customers, corporates, etc and have become the most sought-after destination for quality granite stones.

Our expertise gives us deep insights in understanding client requirements. Our success is attributable to our attention to detail, technical expertise and true professionalism.

State of the art infrastructure, skilled manpower, astute leadership and a niche position in the industry domain are crucial game changers for Rajalakshmi Granites.


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Our Products

Where Quality Make The Power


Granite from Rajalakshmi is a premium material replete with durability, intricate designs and patterns.

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Cobble Stone

Natural stone cobbles have been used since times immemorial in construction; perhaps from the time

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Rajalakshmi specializes in supplying granite for architectural uses, landmarks, memorials & other

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The critical role of cobble stone in building automobile test tracks

Automotive testing tracks are state of the art facilities built by car manufacturers where they push their vehicles to the limit to determine their safety and reliability standards. These are designed to simulate every possible type of terrain drivers might encounter. Most testing tracks across the globe are built mainly using cobble stone as the core surface. This is done in order to ensure balance, stability and uniformity in the test conditions. Rajalakshmi offers a wide range of cobble stone options which are ideal for designing world class automobile testing tracks.

Why Choose Us

  • Our clients love us for our premium quality products

  • Consistency is a key

  • Faster turnaround time

  • Competitive pricing

Quality Assurance

Being quality conscious, we have a multi stage inspection that is thorough and comprehensive covering all aspects from cutting to shaping to polishing to final delivery. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, our team endeavours to follow rigid quality assurance measures at any given time. Our clients respect us for our commitment in delivering quality products which has enabled us to gain a lot of goodwill.


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